Football team wins first game in years

By Brian Tang, Opinion Editor

The football team beat Spanish River  21-13 at home on Sept. 17. The crowd and team were ecstatic after having its first win in 2 years..

“I think it’s surprising that we’re winning, but I’m happy,” junior Cassandra Holder said. “Overall I’m glad there’s high excitement.”

The emotions were so high that a bit of reality lost out in the excitement. 

“Aw man, it’s lit! It’s like the first time in 20 years or something!” said fan, junior Carlos Archaia. “After this, we’re going to win, and win, and win until states!”

Although Spanish River played aggressively, the Tornadoes jumped out to a lead early and held on through four quarters

“I think we played well,” junior receiver Adrian Salgado said. “We had a good start until the third quarter until Spanish River scored. Other than that, we finished off well.”

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