Baby Keem tries to be as ambitious as possible with his first studio album “The Melodic Blue”.

By Tanner Block, Web Editor

3.5/5 stars

Baby Keem, the cousin of critically acclaimed artist Kendrick Lamar, recently released his new album after he hyped the project with his two hit singles “durag activity” and “family ties”. The excitement continued further as Baby Keem had a high profile feature on Kanye West’s new album Donda.

While the album didn’t live fully up to the hype, it was still a very fun listen as Baby Keem showcased the many different sounds that he can execute.

The project started with Trademark USA, a very vibrant intro with an excellent verse from Baby Keem. He seemed really focused and was able to really perfect his trademark trap flow. 

His next two tracks were more filler than anything, with Pink Panties being a rather annoying song and Scapegoats being an interlude to the now infamous 4th track.

His next track, Range Brothers, featured the first Kendrick Lamar appearance in the album. While the first part of the song was a fun listen, the second part killed the vibe somewhat and took away from Kendrick’s best verse on this album.

Issues, the next track, relieves the trap sound of the album with something more R&B focused. While a nice track, it seems to be filler and isn’t the best R&B song on the album. Gorgeous, while a little more of a trap song, still seems like filler and Keem’s flow is very lazy on this track. 

South Africa is Baby Keem near his best. While some may not like the sound of the track, Keem manages to be funny and vibrant in his lyrics while not being as annoying like Pink Panties. Sadly, he follows this up with a mediocre track in Lost Souls, although it still feels like it has a place on the album unlike some other songs.

Cocoa is one of my favorite songs on the album. The unique beat fits extremely well with his flow and Don Toliver delivers a good feature. The track is reminiscent of something Playboi Carti would produce, although of course Cocoa does not have the iconic ad libs that many Carti fans are familiar with. 

The main show stopper is on the next track, as the hit single Family Ties features on the 10th track on the album. Baby Keem delivers his best verse on this single, absolutely murdering the beat and out rapping his cousin Kendrick Lamar on the track, not something many rappers can do. 

Keem follows this song with probably the best R&B tune with Scars. The emotional lyrics combined with the simple but efficient beat showcase Keem’s ability to diverge into other sounds.

Another big single in Durag Activity follows Scars. This track, while better than some of the filler on this album, is still extremely lazy and even Travis Scott can’t save the terrible chorus on this song. 

Booman, the next song, is probably the most experimental song of the track. The beat seems to be unfinished and while the track had potential, but it flops decently hard. Still, the effort put into this track is still respectable. 

If you were a big Keem fan, you would recognize the next track Vent. It was a leaked track that featured an outstanding Kendrick and Keem verse. While the song is still on the album, the Kendrick verse was removed and only the intro and outro from Kendrick was left in. Still, the song is great and very enjoyable. The 16th track, named 16, is also very enjoyable and closes the album with a sense of purpose.

In conclusion, The Melodic Blue is a good, if slightly flawed, album that has a good amount of the Baby Keem that his fans love.

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