Forrester explores her interests

By Brooke Butler, Tornado Times staff intern

Due to her interest in both writing and design, freshman Daniella Forrester decided to go into journalism.

After discovering she “liked to scribble out words and made stories in my notebook”, she moved onto design. “I saw an ad for Canva and was inspired to create my own work. They aren’t anything too impressive, but I like making posters and book covers”.

While writing and design are both important to her, she ultimately wants to become a doctor.

“I’ve wanted to become a doctor my whole life,” Forrester said. “My uncle needed a kidney donated, but after the operation he still didn’t make it. That gave me a big push.”

Forrester feels that it’s important to become a doctor to help people. She wants to do her best to prevent others losing their loved ones.

Becoming a doctor can be a daunting task. She draws inspiration from her parents and how she was raised. Originally from Hanover, Jamaica, she was taught that it takes plenty of hard work to succeed in life. She looks up to her father who has instilled these values upon her.

“He worked hard to provide for his family and so that his kids wouldn’t have to go through the same hardships he went through in life,” Forrester said.

Daniella plans to continue working hard in school to achieve her goals of becoming a doctor. She has decided to keep up with her interests in journalism, all while maintaining her overall dream of becoming a doctor at a young age.

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