Year-end equity meeting May 20

By Morgan Washington, Staff Intern

The school’s equity and diversity team will meet on May 20, planning to “move forward into the summer with an open mind,” according to math teacher Gary Clayton, the school’s designated liaison to the district’s Equity and Diversity Department.

This year’s group had two major goals, Clayton said.

Its first goal was to learn that all staff and students have unconscious bias. Clayton said that team members are trying to fix their own biases and make sure the whole school has equity. But this has been tough to do because of the pandemic throwing them off schedule.

Its second goal was to make sure that students’ mental health is intact. Clayton says that equality will help teachers’ and students’ mental health and improve students’ assessment grades.

One challenge the group has had is meeting with teachers around their busy schedules. Clayton also said a barrier to overcoming bias and achieving equity and inclusion is students not interacting with teachers and others. He said that the students don’t interact because they’re “in hiding” with cameras and mics off during Teams classroom meetings.

Clayton said he wants the group to be “conscious” and make sure they don’t have any “culture bias.”

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