Personal essays submitted to Operation Establish Trust

By Anonymous

Our country was built upon freedom and liberty, our law upon trust and justice, our people upon love and kindness, and our government upon people. So why is it without freedom and trust, justice or love, or even people? Our nation is politically divided, our people oppressed and without trust, and our law no longer with justice.

I’ve met officers of the law — they are kind people within. However, life happens, and unfortunately, they use their job as a therapy session. The media is ruthless to respond. A perfect reflection upon our world. That’s why those who are attacked need to be better than perfect, flawless. Officers of the law need to separate their jobs from their lives and become unbiased towards people. That way others wouldn’t feel oppressed and there would no longer be tension within our Country built upon freedom and liberty. 

By Anonymous

The media portrays what is going on in communities and as well with law enforcement. Law enforcement officers are supposed to help citizens feel safe in our communities, but instead we fear them. Many thoughts occur through people’s heads when getting stopped by law enforcements: “Will today be my last day?”, “Does my hair comb look like a weapon?” People should not have to fear the men and women who should be protecting us. Not everyone is a criminal, so why are we treating everyone like they are. Is it because their skin color is different? Systematically oppressing people is why we are in fear. To all law enforcement officers out there, you are an inspiration to many people, especially young ones, so please set a good example.

By Anonymous

Having friends and relatives in law enforcement, my perspective comes from knowing their experience first-hand. Teaching is very similar. Where I have taught, the (Sheriff resource) officers that I have known have had a powerful and positive relationship with students and have served as mentors and even stand-in parents to help guide young people to make good decisions.

When I hear negative and derogatory comments focused towards police officers, I am VERY upset. Certainly, there are those, as in every profession, that have abused their positions, but for the most part, I have cringed as I have seen officers take excessive abuse, and I wonder how they are able to maintain such composure. I hope that society can actually have a meaningful conversation, instead of just talking about having a conversion, and come to an understanding of just how difficult it is to be a police officer and how stressful it is to endure constant negativity and personal danger when trying to do a job that is meant to help the public live a safe and productive life.

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