Prom replacement approved

By Isabella C. Joa, Staff Intern

After a whole year of tradition postponing and cancellations, the Class of 2021 got its senior formal celebration proposal approved by Superintendent Robert Runcie during a school board meeting last month. 

“The preparations are going pretty well,” senior class vice president Gavanna Bogle said. “It’s really important we figure out how to make the event as fun as possible while being as safe as possible.” 

This celebration is one of the few events this class of seniors will have and will take place May 14 at 7 p.m. at the stadium.. With the arrival of the pandemic last year, it was clear that some events would get canceled, but as the number of those infected spiked several times, hope for any of the traditional end-of-school events fell. 

“I didn’t even know if we were going to get a prom,” senior Stephanie Vagelos said. “I’m really thankful we get to do a senior event, even if it is not what we envisioned in our freshman year.” 

According to Bogle, getting this proposal approved was difficult. The senior class officers had to think of ways to execute the event safely, following COVID-19 guidelines, while still making the celebration enjoyable under such circumstances. 

“All of the officers must brainstorm ideas and consider how to put this situation into play with CDC guidelines,” Bogle said. “Then, we must create a proposal and explain exactly how we would follow these guidelines.” 

Senior class president Gianna Gentile knows that some may question whether the event, not being a traditional prom, will be as fun as past senior celebrations. 

“It’s a nice challenge because the more we push ourselves the better it’s going to be,” Gentile said. “Me, the other officers and (senior class sponsor Katarina) Roman want to make this so amazing.”

Posted: April 28

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