IOC partners with SGA for club activities

By Aaliyah Evertz, Staff Intern

The Inter-Organization of Clubs is working with the Student Government Association on a project after its in-person club fair was put on hold.

“We just don’t have enough participation from a lot of the clubs and the students,” IOC president Victoria Franco said. “Now we’re going to work more with SGA and see what we can do with them and what they want us to do.”

COVID-19 has put a damper on almost all school activities this year, and the club fair was no exception.

“Paperwork-wise and participation and the logistics of getting it approved through administration because of COVID and everything is a challenge we’re facing,” Franco said.

Details of the event are to be determined, but it will be similar to the concept of a club fair and will take place over the course of a week. It will still aim to inform mainly freshmen about the extracurriculars at school.

“If we do end up doing something with SGA, more students, especially freshmen, will get to know more about the clubs and want to participate in them,” Franco said.

Posted: April 28

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