In-person learning to return for 2021-22

By Chloe Powell, Staff Intern

Superintendent Robert Runcie announced on April 14 that all students are to report back to campus next year. Students who choose not to come back for safety or other reasons will be transferred to Florida Virtual School and no longer be a student at Pompano Beach High School.

“Students are going to have to return to school eventually, and we are glad that they are going to come back as early as in a couple months,” Jose Perez, director of marketing and strategic communications with the district, said.

Perez said that as vaccines are being distributed worldwide and cases are finally starting to decrease, it is the best time for schools to start officially opening again. But in-person schooling may still include social distancing and mask requirements.

“Just because all students are returning next year doesn’t mean the coronavirus has disappeared,” Perez said. “The CDC guidelines still must be followed.”

Many students are planning on going back to school rather than enrolling in FLVS to continue remote learning.

“I am really excited to return back to in-person school next year,” sophomore Brady Williams said. “I’m not too nervous to return since I got vaccinated and I already return to school for baseball games and practices.”

Although it will be a transition after 18 months of remote or hybrid e-learning, students are looking forward in-person schooling and in-person, after-school activities.

“I can’t wait to go back to school in person to finish off my last year of high school,” junior Nicole Torres said. “I will get to participate in all of our SGA activities completely in person and not through Microsoft Teams.”

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