IOC preps for in-person club fair

By Aaliyah Evertz, Staff Intern

The Inter-Organization of Clubs is planning a club fair, in person, following the success of the virtual club fair they held in October earlier this school year.

“We don’t have an exact date on it. We’re looking into maybe in April,” IOC president Vicky Franco said. “I had my committee and SGA send out emails to different clubs asking if they would be interested on a Google form.”

So far, SGA, National English Honor Society, National Honor Society, Key Club and Tea and Crafts have confirmed that they will participate in the fair.

“A lot of the national honor societies said they would do it, because they want to get more students involved and everything,” Franco said.

The fair will be held in the courtyard on campus, as it has been in the past.

“All the clubs set up a little table, with a board and stuff,” Franco said. “Normally they would have papers to hand out, but because of COVID we can’t hand anything out.”

Each club and participant will be taking the safety precautions necessary due to COVID-19.

“We’ll try to space them out so not everyone is so close together,” Franco said. “All the clubs will wear their masks, and we will set a specific capacity of how many students can go.”

Freshmen are the main target audience for this event, since they’re still relatively new to the school. With the not-so-normal dynamic of this school year, the club fair is a chance to go and learn more about the extracurriculars school, Franco said.

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