School board approves in-person graduation for seniors

By Isabella Castellanos Joa, Staff Intern

At a virtual meeting held to discuss the future of various senior activities Superintendent Robert Runcie announced officially on Feb. 23 that the 2021 graduation would be 100 percent in-person. 

SGA president Emilee Kurdziel was present during the meeting along with more than 80 other student representatives. 

“It is exciting,” Kurdziel said. “Graduation is going to be in-person 100 percent even if it is going to be limited capacity.”

The school board mentioned that each senior will be allowed to have around one to two guests in the designated building or campus for the graduation, but a precise amount would depend on how big or small each school is. 

“What is more important is that they are meeting this week to come up with what they call a ‘menu’ that schools can choose from, and they are requiring every school to do at least one event on this list to recognize their seniors whether or not a prom or the other things happen,” Kurdziel said.  

For seniors, getting their in-person graduation meant finally getting closure for their four-year path, plus a sense of normality during such an unusual year. 

“Graduation is what we look forward to from our freshman year,” senior class president Gianna Gentile said. “Everyone is happy. Even though it doesn’t seem that big of a deal… just the fact we get to not do it online is very refreshing.” 

Broward Schools has yet released a schedule for graduation.

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