VanDreason competes for big scholarship

By Isabella C. Joa, Staff Intern

Senior Sierra VanDreason has applied to compete for Nova Southeastern University’s Presidential Scholarship, which provides full-tuition for the private university and an additional grant for students’ academic needs like books and textbooks.   

“For full tuition they offered it to 20-25 students, so it’s kind of a hard thing to get,” said VanDreason. “I’m ready but a little nervous.” 

Winning the scholarship would be a great academic achievement since VanDreason seeks a future in the educational sector.

“I was a TA at Pompano Beach Elementary School my sophomore and junior years of high school, and I’ve worked with preschool classes, and I just really loved working and teaching them,” VanDreason said. “I want to major in elementary education. They made me want to be a teacher.”

VanDreason’s interviews were held Jan. 21 and Jan. 22 via Zoom and responses are expected to arrive Feb. 5.

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