Women Empowerment Club Photo Gallery

The Women’s Empowerment Club officers Naja Taylor, Gianna Gentile, Gavanna Bogle, Fabianna Ungaro and Ella Adeline talked with other girls in the club and took photos with them on Microsoft teams. “We are a safe place for all students and want to make sure that we promote equality for women and empower them through our group,” club project manager Ella Adeline said.
The Women’s Empowerment Club’s official Instagram page posts about abusive behaviors, domestic violence, women’s health and more. “We are using social media as a major outlet and a great way for communication of our members,” club president Ella Adeline said. “This has been a great way for us to overcome the challenge of being apart.”
The club has been working with the Fort Lauderdale chapter of the PERIOD movement started by one of their officers to help get menstruation products to women in the local community and move towards ending the stigma around periods. “We are hoping to involve ourselves within the community with doing some service to provide for menstruators who don’t have access to menstrual products,” club president Ella Adeline said.

Photos by: Morgan Washington

Posted on: Dec. 19th

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