Security still wary against threats

By Brady Williams, Staff Intern

Even though only 100-190 students are on campus, security remains an important aspect of the school’s procedures, according to campus security manager Medford McLemore. “Pompano High is not dealing with full capacity of students; nevertheless, threats can still emerge at any time,” McLemore said. “We’ve taken the necessary steps to add new surveillance cameras in addition to staff members to increase our visibility on campus.”

 McLemore believes that security is a “collaborative effort,” and that students should report anything they hear or find threatening. 

“The greatest threat we face is letting our guard down by thinking crime and those who seek us to do harm, will not attack because of COVID-19,” McLemore said. “We must remain vigilant as security personnel to protect our students and staff despite the challenges of COVID-19.”

Other safety precautions include scanning a QR code before students leave class to use the bathroom so that the school can trace where students went if they test positive for COVID.

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