Rupert: District has no control over at-home connection issues

By Chloe Powell, Staff Intern

Nora Rupert, School Board of Broward County member representing District 7, which includes Pompano Beach High School, understands the biggest challenges so far in remote learning are connection and WiFi related. There’s just not much she can do about it.

“Some students would get kicked out of the meetings or lose connection in the middle of a web conference,” Rupert said. “It’s difficult because these are issues we can’t control.” 

Sophomore Brady Williams attends school from home and has problems with his connection sometimes. 

“Last week when I was in English my computer kicked me out of the call in the middle of an important lecture from my teacher,” Williams said. “Sometimes the WiFi in my house goes out and it also kicks me out of the meeting.”

Junior Nicole Torres attends online school in person. She says she enjoys it more because the connection and quality of the call is better there. 

“When I was at home the connection would be terrible,” Torres said. “It would be hard to see and hear my teacher and classmates. At school I get better connection.”

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