First football game canceled

By Caleb Holness, Staff Intern

The football game against Boca Raton Christian scheduled for Oct. 29 was canceled after one of the Blazers players tested positive for COVID, according to Boca Raton Christian athletic director John White.

The team found out only a day before, and the player apparently got it at a family party, but did not spread it to any of his teammates while coming into contact with them. This was Boca Christian’s last game of the season, so the team decided to wrap up the season instead of rescheduling the game.

Athletic director Jason Frey was able to schedule a new game against North Broward Prep the next day.

Senior tackle Diego Orellana said that he was relieved to find out about this before the game and not after.

“I feel like it was a good thing that we found out before we played the game because if not, we would’ve had to isolate the entire team for two weeks,” Orellana said.

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