Language dept. hopes for more face-to-face teaching

By Ashante K. Anderson, Staff Intern 

COVID-19 guidelines are continuing to enforce restrictions that have proven to be an issue for the World Languages Department. 

“The biggest problem, for example for me, most of the instruction is generally done in conversation between students,” chair Sylvie Lerbs said. “So most of the time, I would pair students and have them do the exercises out loud, and we cannot do this. That is a limitation.” 

The department is continuing to work towards its goals, and Lerbs, French and Spanish teacher, is settling for any steps forwards. 

“Right now, I am extremely excited to be back at school with some students,” Lerbs said. “I think for now this is the most important development, that we are able to be seeing some of our students at school, and I really hope that we are going to be seeing more and more.”

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