Sophs can’t fundraise

By Tanner Block, Staff Intern

The sophomore and junior classes will have their hands full fundraising this year during the the novel coronavirus outbreak. As the majority of the people are online, it is difficult to raise for fundraisers.

“There aren’t any events we have concerning sophomores,” Stephen Horton, advisor to the sophomores, said. “(There are) a couple of fundraisers that are in the planning stages.”

The sophomores only have an operating budget of $200 to work with, making it very difficult to organize events .

“Some challenges are making everyone aware of our meetings and having fundraisers since some of us are online and in school,” Horton said. 

However, the biggest challenge the sophomores have faced this year is easily the coronavirus. As it continues to spread, more people are going online. Thus, Horton wants to create more engagement with the student body and the events he is planning to hold.

Posted: Dec. 10

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