No more laps: Swim canceled for the season

The swim season was canceled  by the Broward County Athletics Association due to the coronavirus pandemic. This comes despite the fact that other sports like volleyball and football have continued to play and golf was only delayed.

“I agree with the season being canceled,” senior Trevor Barefield said. “I think it would be very hard to do practice socially distanced considering the pool that we have.”

In order to accommodate for social distancing, swimmers would have to be spaced out one per lane. Due to the large size of a girls and boys team, no pool could accommodate all swimmers according to swim and dive coach Michael Judd.

“With COVID, I wouldn’t have gone anyway,” junior Michael Stouffer said. “You’re in a pool with people that are inches from you. We only have swim trunks on.”

While the Florida High School Athletic Association will continue to hold a fall state championship, senior Raphael Santos will not get to defend his title in the state championship and senior Armando Blanco said he won’t get a chance to run for team captain.

Underclassmen also are rueing the lost opportunity to develop.

“I’m hoping to be the captain senior year,” junior Sophie Lichtenstein said. “I don’t get to be a leader this year to set me up for next year.”

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