Rho Kappa enforces the significance of the 2020 elections

By Keanu Silva, News Editor

Rho Kappa, the school’s social studies national honors society, shares the importance of this year’s election with its new 2020 election guide going over some of the candidate’s main positions on politically disputed topics like Economy, Education, Healthcare, Immigration, and so on, to “inform our peers about the people on this year’s ballots,” As said by Niamh Mulroy, Senior club president

“A lot of the time people don’t know anything about who is running for our local government” claimed Mulroy “Who we vote for our local government is very important if we want change”

The guide includes what is changed in the Amendments and its meaning of a vote like citizenship requirements to vote in Florida elections or the raising of the minimum wage along with some of the Broward Ballot Questions and Charters and their meaning that every voter should know about.

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