Beanpicker picks quotes not SGA

By Matthew Shanbom, Editor-in-Chief

Whether your senior quote is appropriate should be left to administration and yearbook not senior class officers. It is the yearbook staff who worked hard to get senior quotes in the yearbook, it is the yearbook staff who has to collect all of the quotes and it is the yearbook staff who has to assemble all the quotes and photos into a coherent page design.

As the Editor-in-Chief of a publication myself, I know the work goes into producing content and making it look good. From personally witnessing the yearbook staff work, I know they are dedicated and put in lots of work to make this happen for the seniors. Allowing the class officers to be a part of the quote screening process without putting in the work to guarantee that seniors will be able to have quotes is ridiculous. These class officers are newly elected for some of them meaning they were not even officers when the decision to have senior quotes was made. Why should one club at the school, who happens to be elected by the entire school, have free reign over areas outside of their jurisdiction. I don’t expect Key Club to start running JROTC and National Honor Society to start running band. There should be a clear separation between the responsibilities of different organizations at the school.

It’s time for the yearbook to take a stand and declare itself an independent organization. I can’t fully speak for the yearbook, but I know they are more than capable of completing a state recognized yearbook on their own without the oversight of other organizations. I want to make it clear that this is not me trying to say that the yearbook should not work with other clubs. In fact, the yearbook needs those other clubs to do great things that could be covered in the yearbook. While it makes sense of administration to have oversight of a school sponsored publication such as the Beanpicker Yearbook, SGA and the Class of 2021 should stay in their own lane.

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