Disabled and Abled unites while social distancing

By Kayla Gayle, Student Life Editor

Disabled and Abled United is dedicated to educating others about disabilities, advocating for those with disabilities and providing an integrated safe environment for all students. 

“We welcome everyone and are all-inclusive,” senior Alina Caro, the club’s president, said. “Our goals are to raise awareness about special needs and be helping hands.”

Since the club cannot have in-person meetings and events, it plans on spreading awareness virtually by sharing inspirational posts of “people with various kinds of abilities,” Caro said.

To join Disabled and Abled United students should follow its Instagram (@pbhs_disabledabledunited) and join the Remind with the code @disabledab

The club meets on Teams every second and fourth Wednesday at 3:45 p.m. Members are asked to attend at least one meeting every month. 

Despite being a newly formed club that now has to recruit members online and missed out on a lot of its plans, “I’m still hopeful (for this school year),” Caro said.

Posted: Oct. 22

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