2 flag football graduates earn scholarships

By Caleb Holness, Staff Intern

Recent graduates Tatiana Maker and Lorraine Angelakos were announced on Sept. 18 as winners of scholarships pledged by the National Football League’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers specifically for flag football scholarships for girls. 

Maker and Angelakos were two of only four girls chosen for this $5,000 scholarship. The Buccaneers have committed $250,000 to fund this program for the future. 

“The gender stereotypes that everyone has in place are being broken down because people are expanding scholarships such as the Bucs, the first to offer a scholarship for flag football,” Maker said. “It shows that people are changing, things are changing, and female athletes are going to have more access to financial aid.” 

Maker, who studies at the University of Central Florida, said she wants to make a living in the legal field as a possible civil rights attorney and to create policies that will bring about equality in work environments and close wage gaps between men and women pro athletes.

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