Football starts conditioning, practice

By Nicholas Rapalo, Staff Intern

Wearing masks, socially distancing, and being put into pods, student athletes returned to campus on Sept. 21 for football conditioning with a completely different routine than from the past.

“I think the most difficult thing would be just being separate from the rest of the team” senior Diego Orellana said.

Schools moved into phase 3 Oct. 12, allowing for sports-specific practices. 

Conditioning was held Monday to Thursday for no more than 120 minutes per day. Athletes were put into groups called “pods” with as little interaction between pods as possible.

“It’s just different because you are used to practicing with the entire team,” Orellana said. “But it also makes it fun because since you are in a pod you talk to people that you might not talk to, and it gives us a chance of competing with the other pods to see which pod comes out more conditioned.”

Although it was difficult and hard to get used to, athletes had to keep physical distance between each other.

“We are all used to being together as a team and talking to each other but it gets easier as we get used to it,” Orellana said. “It takes away the ability to perform exercises that require a partner.”

Masks were required during check in and other close contact interaction, but not during exercises, in which athletes spread out at least 5 yards from each other. For safety, weight rooms were not authorized for use.

“I really think that they did a great job with taking the necessary measures to keep us all safe” Orellana said.

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