Environmental club continues to do their part

By Emma Parker, Managing Editor

Environmental club, who meets twice a month on Thursday at 4:00 p.m., is continuing to meet online to discuss ways that they can individually help the environment.

“Our goal is to help the environment in our community and educate others on problems and the growing threats to the native environment of Florida,” explains junior Emma Lorber, president of the Environmental club.

The club aims to enter the 2020 Broward Youth Climate Action Plan, a competition where students submit project ideas relating to climate change and the CCAP will choose the best to implement and fund.

They also plan on working with a company called MANG, a group that collects mangrove seedlings and propagules. As well as they have started the planning stages to work with the Thespians Honor Society to create a memorial garden for the late Mr. Henderson, at PBHS.

For more information about the club and links to the meeting, students can join the Remind chat @khee3dk to 81010.

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