Freshmen’s first day on-campus

By Emma Parker, Managing Editor

October 13 marks the first day when on-campus learning will begin for freshmen who opt for on-campus learning. Tenth through twelfth graders will go back on Oct 15.

Not only will freshmen have to get used to a new environment, but they will have to get used to the new and early school hours that will be implemented on the first day back. These new school hours do not just apply to on-campus learning students, but they apply to the entire student body on Oct 13.

On the first day of school, Bus riders will report to the Gymnasium and any car riders and walkers will stay in the courtyard before the first bell rings. If any student wants to get Grab and Go breakfast, then they are allowed to go to the Cafeteria and pick up their breakfast.

Masks and Ids will be required to be worn at all times, aside from when eating and drinking. If they are not worn by the student or refuse to, then punishments will be given by administration.

Since freshmen did not have a picture day this year to receive their first PBHS id card, they will not be expected or be punished for not having one the first two weeks of school. Administration is working on making temporary ids and will announce when distribution will occur.

Students are also required to bring their own, fully charged computer device to on-campus learning, whether it is their personal laptop, or one provided by the school. Power strips will be provided in each classroom for charging.

Sanitization will not only be done daily, but students are going to be provided and encouraged to clean their learning space before and after each block. Administration has also updated all air filters to the highest quality in the building.

Lunch will also look a little different this year, it won’t exactly be a cafeteria and courtyard packed with students talking, eating and walking from table to table. All students are required to go through the maintenance hallway between Tornado Alley and the Cafeteria, the doors next to the first-floor restrooms. The line will go all the way to the band room, and if there is still confusion, administration has posted all the maps and directions that will be implemented on the Canvas home page. There will be administration walking around to direct and answer any questions that anyone has for them.

Dismissal between each class will be based on your last name, students with last names starting with A-K will be dismissed five minutes before the class bell, then students with last names starting with L-Z will be dismissed when the class bell rings. As for the end of day dismissal, bus riders will be dismissed beginning at 3:15 and that is only if their bus is present. All non-bus riders will be dismissed at 3:31 at the same time.

At this moment, clubs and after school activities will continue to be virtual, but certain sports have either begun practicing or conditioning. If students have the proper paperwork signed and approved, they are allowed to stay on-campus after school hours to participate in such sport. Announcements about each sport will come out as school slowly gets back to some normalcy.

Freshmen might not get the normal first day of high school experience, but they are getting the opportunity to go and check out the home of the Golden Tornadoes.

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