NEHS opens applications for new members

By Keanu Silva, News Editor

The National English Honors Society, a club that focuses in student’s accomplishments in the field of English and overall academic achievements has announced their opening for applications due October 19th.

Applicants interested in entering the club must have completed at least 2 semesters prior to being selected as well as achieving a minimum GPA of 3.0 (unweighted) and a 3.0 unweighted English GPA throughout the $30 membership that must be paid by the submission deadline.

Besides the applicant submission expectations, there are a couple rules/requirements that have to be followed throughout the club membership, the member must attend at least 80% of the after school club meetings, the minimum GPA must be kept in all overall classes, participation in at least one service/fundraising project per year and participation in ‘Book Buddies’ at least once per quarter are the main required activities that have to be done to stay in the club.

All new applicants must submit the membership fee through the E-Store and all requirements done with the application before October 19 to to enter the honor club. 

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