Tech Giant ‘Apple’ receives backlash after unfair monopolistic practices

By Keanu Silva, News Editor

If you want to download an app through an iPhone, you get it through the App Store where the tech giant ‘Apple’ charges thirty percent to developers on any purchases made from such app. Even though they are not the only company with such fees with Google and Steam having similar guidelines, the difference is how these rules are applied and where or when they are conducted.

The corporation had problems with these fees before, but it wasn’t until a recognized video game developer stood up and caused the giant to have serious concerns;  Back in August, the game developer known as Epic Games played a move on Apple which included reductions on prices for the much acclaimed video game ‘Fortnite’ when choosing to purchase from inside the app itself, without any permissions to do such actions; As fast as the change was noticed, the video game was banned from the App Store with Google’s Play Store following behind, but the gaming company had all of the events planned already as a trap towards the tech giant to later sue the company for “monopolistic practices” releasing a video mocking Apple’s first ad in the 1984 Super Bowl and started a trend with millions of followers called the #FreeFortnite.

After about a week, Google knew they would have an advantage if they unbanned the video game, and so they did; Not long after the events, another scandal started to receive attention, with the web tool app ‘WordPress’ claiming the same problems with the App Store.

The web app wanted to give customers easier ways to manage subscriptions in the small ecosystem without having to worry about losing their benefits if they didn’t pay through Apple’s platform and went forward to claim the tech giant’s practices after being unrightfully banned, rarely this time the giant had some “mercy” towards the app and signed a contract with the company allowing the app back into the platform without any in-app purchases and WordPress’ executives had to agree to the terms knowing that a fair amount of their users had accounts in the IOS app.

Two claims from acclaimed companies seem like a lot and one would think that the giant would reconsider its fees but even though they did make some changes, they didn’t change the important and problematic side of their guidelines taking thirty percent of developer’s financial gains.

The game and technology enterprise ‘Microsoft’ recently released its own game streaming service “Xbox Game Pass” previously known as project Xcloud before Samsung contracts expanding the Android ecosystem for both Samsung and Microsoft devices; With the service being the “Netflix for gaming” as it started to be recognized by the gaming community and gained the name as soon as audiences worried about no announcements being made for an iOS release even though the platform had launched their ‘Apple Arcade’ subscription and allowed Google Stadia, Nvidia Geforce and other streaming services to be used in their devices, but as many had guessed, the Microsoft service had problems with the company’s guidelines.

The tech giant recently made tweaks to their guidelines allowing the service to be downloaded after statements from the developer community towards its unrightful fees, there were some benefits to those changes but every game had to be downloaded directly to the home section of devices to make the service not so stream-like, but neither Microsoft nor Epic Games thought that they were satisfying enough to give up their advantages with Android.

Fortnite and Game Pass are now available in most platforms but only Android when it comes to the mobile community and it doesn’t seem like things won’t change any time soon, leaving Apple customers enraged with the company’s monopolistic decisions.

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