TikTok might be more important than you think

By: Keanu Silva, News Editor

This might just be the last days of the powerful app called TikTok. Yes, the app has been in danger more than once, but this time it seems serious. 

Having a massive breakout this year during the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump gave the Chinese government 45 days to sell the app or be banned from the United States. 

 If you are neither Gen Z nor Millenial, you probably don’t really care about the app being banned and maybe even are happy about it since your daughters are going to stop “Renegading” all over the house and your son will stop throwing it back in front of grandma all the time. But this app is truly important for the people of this generation as it gives them a sense of freedom and power of speaking out.  

I asked many “influencers” with over 500,000 followers, and they all said basically the same thing, “We don’t want the app banned.” 

As much as I seemed to hate the app before, I became one of those people who said they just downloaded it because of a friend but spends hours looking at the latest trend. I just can’t imagine today’s world without Charli D’Amelio saying “Ok Boomer” and that one guy buying 50 McPatties for no reason. 

So I think I can speak for everyone when i say that TikTok isn’t just an “app.” It is a forum for the people of now, and if it does end getting banned, at least we can honor the app’s legacy with a last “Press F to pay respects.”

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