First virtual Freshman Invasion hosted

By Emma Parker, Managing Editor

Face-to-face became face-on-screen at this year’s Freshman Invasion. For the Class of 2024, introduction to high school was through Microsoft Teams on Aug. 11. 

“The freshmen were trying to make the best out of the situation, but it’s difficult to do that behind a screen, especially when we are trying to make connections with each other,” mentor and junior Sonia Rodriguez said. 

In past years, mentors, administrators and freshmen all met in-person at school doing activities and school-wide tours, while getting to know each other and the school much better.

“As an incoming freshman, Freshman Invasion excited me,” sophomore Samantha Mills said. “I was able to calm some of the nerves that I had, going into a big school, where the only experience you have ever seen was from TV and movies. It made me excited for the first day of school.”

This year’s event included introductions with their mentors, getting to know other freshmen, learning about the school, information about what the year is going to look like and a Q&A with mentors and their study hall teacher. 

Freshman Invasion helped Mills get excited for the school year, others saw it as an opportunity to get any questions answered before the first day of school.

“Freshman Invasion helped me better understand the layout of the school, as well as meet some of the mentors and ask them any questions I had,” junior Antonio Saladrigas said. 

Though the venue changed, Freshman Invasion still allowed for freshmen to get questions answered just like it did for Saladrigas.

Senior Eden Wright described Freshman Invasion as “the place I made my first friend on campus and made me comfortable and confident on the first day of school because I knew where all my classes were and who I could ask if I had any issues.”

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