It’s still best to stay at home

By Eduardo Andrade, Managing Editor

As states continue to lift stay at home orders, for less than altruistic reasons, the coronavirus pandemic continues to get worse. Although businesses are reopening, people should still try to stay at home as much as possible.

With over 30% of the world’s coronavirus patients, it may seem like a bad idea to begin opening up in the U.S, but scientists and research be damned. Our leaders seem more inclined to listen to the likes Ben Shapiro and armed protestors (read: terrorist, but white) in Michigan.

To reopen now is to risk lives because politicians are willing to put a dollar value on just about anything, even a human life.

Keep this in mind, when someone says some big green arrows are worth some people getting infected, they aren’t talking in the abstract. They mean you. They mean your grandmother. They are saying it’s okay to see your brother and your best friend die if it means things kick back up in time for their Christmas bonus.

We are in a worse position now than when lockdown was initiated. Florida has experienced around 600 new cases every day, even with places opening at only 25% capacity, and bear in mind it has been a theme throughout this pandemic for the severity of the situation to be downplayed. However, we still have no cure, no vaccine and no way to treat the disease, unless you count injecting bleach or shining UV radiation directly onto organs that don’t have melanin to protect against radiation (AKA a quick and easy way to get cancer). Even the more plausible suggestions by President Trump have turned out to be a dud, although it seems he never got the memo.

And while it is reassuring to see that our leader is so unfazed by the U.S. approaching the 100,000 death milestone that he’s taken the weekend off for a taxpayer funded golf trip to Virginia, this does not change the fact that it is still too dangerous to open up.

From the beginning our congressmen have seen this as an opportunity to make money. It’s up to us to make sure we do what’s best for our community. Since our elected leaders clearly do not have our best interests in mind, we have to stand together and do our best to stay at home.

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