The season of learning to drive

By Alexia Tontchev, Staff Intern

Finally! After about almost a year and a half of begging, I was able to convince my parents to let me get my learners license this summer after I turn 16 this June (yes, I know I’m late). However, I’m not as late as the teens who are afraid to drive or simply just don’t care.

Anyway back on topic, my parents are letting me get my permit on one condition: If I ace the drivers ed course on FLVS, so they know that I’m ready and that I know all the factors of driving so I can pass my actual permit exam.

This all happened when my parents saw that freshmen a year younger than I already have their permits and are already driving, as well as the juniors who driving their own cars around everywhere.

Even though I started drivers ed two days ago, I’m already 20% done with the course. This course teachers young drivers like me the techniques of defensive driving, the risks and safety, the users of the road which includes the people and vehicles and the language of the road, with all the colors, shapes and symbols of the signs we see that guide us when we drive.

I highly recommend that the teens who don’t already have their learners license take drivers ed before they jump right into taking their permit exam right off the bat.

This course will change the way you view driving forever, not in the bad way, but the safe and responsible way. Most teens just view driving as a way to gain their own freedom and independence, without realizing or caring about the risks and rules of the road.

The teens who take FLVS’s drivers ed course are much more likely to pass the permit exam during the first try than the others who just go to and take it right off the bat without even bothering to prepare.

Don’t be the careless, reckless driver. Be the responsible, safe driver.

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