Thank you, everyone

By Keanu Silva, Staff Intern

Whoa! This year has gone by so fast and it still feels like we haven’t gotten even closer to the finish line. 

The seniors who worked hard to get to where they are now didn’t get the chance to go to a face-to-face graduation or prom with their friends with the current situation, but thanks to the great teachers and those who risk their lives every day so that we can be safe, they had a parade, even some celebrated through conference meetings.

All of these things show how even if we are in the lowest point, together as a community anything can be done. There are birthdays, weddings, even just normal holidays being celebrated by online meetings. Sure, it doesn’t feel the same as going out with friends and family and having a gathering, but sadly it is what we have gotten to, and if you see the bright side of the whole canvas, you can see what this pandemic is making us realize.

Before the pandemic, we didn’t appreciate essential workers, we didn’t see how small things can brighten a person’s day or how we’re ruining our own planet (THE ONLY ONE WE HAVE). We didn’t see how important family and friends are and how much they make up a part of our lives. We never saw school as a way to communicate and be with others, and now we can kind of appreciate what we have and not what we want.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but thanks corona, not because it is killing and affecting everyone, but for what it has taught us and how it showed us that we didn’t appreciate what we had.  I hope that it all ends soon and we can do better to our world around us, and we can go on to appreciate life on its own.

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