GOYP (get off your phone)

By Madison Zimmer, Staff Intern

We’ve finally come to the last days of this wonderful and beautiful school year.

I know we all enjoyed every moment of it. From the presentations we had to give in a different language and the math tests we took without knowing a single thing on it, to the group projects, our 45 minutes of not so peacefully blissful lunch, and that one kid who never learned how to eat with their mouth closed. There’s always one.

Oh. and we cant forget the honorable mention of those kids who stand in the middle of a tight hallway, blocking everyone, because that text was so important to get out right then and there huh, Stacy?

She looked like a Stacy.

I sincerely apologize of you didn’t catch the sarcasm.

Lets make GOYP something we can all yell at people when they are being like Stacy.

Anyway, I don’t know, maybe you had great year, and good for you, dude. Since this isn’t a conversation, and I can’t ask how your year went, I’m gonna give you a rundown of mine with a little of my twisted advice if you’re interested.

To kick things off, the first day of my freshman year I fell down the stairs.

From there on I stopped looking at my phone while walking down the stairs which you would think would be common sense. But, hey, you can’t fix stupid. Feel free to use my own acronym against me.

Went to Homecoming, and it’s definitely not what the Disney movies told me it was going to be.

From there on I adopted a consistent pattern of walking into class, falling asleep, waking up to take the occasional quiz and falling back asleep immediately after.

Might I add, I aced some quizzes that way.

My teachers hated me for it but what can you do.

Anyway outside of school, I bought some plants. Killed some plants.

My bird’s still alive though.

That’s all really. My life has been school for the past months.

But in all seriousness I worked hard. I didn’t get where I wanted to be, but I did my best and learned how to do better in the future.

Something I wish I heard when I was struggling through it is “I’m proud of you,” so in case you need to hear it, I know you did your best this year and I’m proud of you.

Or you didn’t. I don’t know your life. HAGS.

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