Pompano Pride

By Ethan Del Campo, Staff Intern

As June 2 quickly approaches, it will mark the end of my freshman year at Pompano Beach High School.

As long-time Pompano Beach residents, my parents tell me how they remember when the school reopened as a full-magnet high school. That was good news for the City of Pompano Beach, which had been losing residents for many years to the new construction in western Broward County.

This school has become the premier high school in Broward. As a student athlete, I proudly wear my PBHS gear along with my teammates and am happy to represent this amazing school.

Would it surprise you to learn that only approximately 350 out of the over 1200 students actually reside in the city of Pompano Beach? It’s true. Students come from many different municipalities to attend this school.

This weekend I had the opportunity to check out the brand new Pompano Beach fishing pier. Being at the ocean is refreshing.  I urge all of the faculty and my classmates to head over to the beach and check out what our city has to offer.

To the 850 plus students who reside outside of Pompano, don’t just get back on your bus and head to your neighborhood. Support the City of Pompano Beach’s local businesses and attractions, and get to know the city that you represent on your team jerseys and extracurriculars. Go Pompano!

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