Eu estou aprendendo português

By Jordan Greene, Staff Intern

During the extra time I’ve had due to the coronavirus, I started to learn Portuguese.

I started learning Portuguese because I didn’t want to waste time over the break… and I wanted to impress my boyfriend’s family.

I was surprised to find that DuoLingo was very user friendly and easy to learn from. With a couple pointers from a native speaker and the iPhone app, I felt very confident learning the new language.

Although I don’t think I’m ready to show off my skills just yet, I’m proud that I spent time over the break working on bettering myself.

While stay at home orders are being lifted, I believe it is still best to stay inside. And while inside, you might as well do something good.

“15 minutes a day can teach you a language. What can 15 minutes a day of social media do?” – DuoLingo.

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