Summer’s approaching: Let’s go out to eat!

By Sierra Krey, Staff Intern

With summer coming up in the next few weeks and some restrictions starting to lift around certain areas, people are able to somewhat enjoy their start of summer.

As for my family and me, we started having cookouts at our aunt and uncle’s house more often.

When there were high restrictions, we would just order Postmates all the time for food, but last Saturday we went out to eat, at Chili’s, for the first time in almost two months.

It was very weird at first since each group of people was seated two booths away from each other, but it was also kind of cool because it wasn’t loud and we had some privacy without people being right behind/next to us.

We spent that whole Saturday playing Call of Duty, swimming, and planning my mom and uncle’s birthday on May 30.

While we went out to Chili’s that night, they got a special birthday dessert, but they shared it with everyone else thankfully because it was so good!

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