Reflections on sophomore year

By Emma Parker, Staff Intern

This year has been a roller-coaster of emotions, experiences and lessons. I have grown as a person, friend and student.

At the beginning of the school year, I planned for myself to make more out of my high school experience. I joined six clubs and organizations, attaining a leadership position in one of them. I started to go to every sports game that was scheduled on Thursday nights, and even went to my first high school dance.

Sophomore year is that awkward in between year where you are not a freshman, but you are not yet an upperclassman. You’re just there, going from class to after-school events. There is nothing crazy or special that is supposed to happen this year, but somehow, I made this year much more memorable than my freshman year.

I finally started to feel like part of the school. I signed up for not only the Poland and Czech Republic school trip but also the Germany Exchange program. Sadly, both things were either canceled or rescheduled due to COVID-19.

I am just proud of myself that I even signed up and committed to two such extremely amazing and scary opportunities. I can full heartedly say that Freshman Emma would not have even considered it, especially since I was not going to know anyone else that was going on those trips.

Even though my sophomore year was cut short and I missed out on a lot of end of the year activities, I am okay with it. The time I did have, I tried to make every moment worth it. I made new friends, found my new passion and became really proud of myself.

Thank you, sophomore year, it was fun! Now on to my most stressful year yet—junior year.

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