Near the end for online school

By Isis Williams, Staff Intern

This has by far been the weirdest experience for me: having to adjust from waking up early and spending most of my day around people to being secluded by just my family at home or getting to do all my work in bed.

Some of my friends are glad to have gotten this “break” from school and believe this has had to be the best thing to ever happen to them. 

I believe this came with a good and a bad for everyone.

Good being that we get to be where we always complain about at school: home. We also get the chance to use all the time we’ve got doing whatever we want.

The bad is that with all this time we can’t think of how to make it useful. I know some people are taking this time to work out and better themselves while others just sit at home pondering, which is me.

I think the whole online school thing just came with mixed emotions. The schoolwork isn’t as bad and I do get to work at my comfort and pace, but it’s not the same learning that we would get with a teacher face-to-face.

Our last day of school can be spent at home in our bed without getting the option to go to school.

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