Best show ever worth bending your bingeing toward

By Anonymous

Today I will enlighten you to the best show to ever exist: Avatar the Last Airbender. This show was added to Netflix just recently, and in that time I have rewatched the entire thing.

While this show is technically for little children, it is mature beyond its years, referring to heavy war topics and tactics while providing extremely multidimensional characters.

I was truly amazed at how far they went to give the characters each a complex backstory to explain their emotions and actions.

The show’s premise is that people have the ability to control, or bend, the one of the four elements, and the Avatar has the ability to control all of the elements. The Avatar is reincarnated over and over again; however, the current one, Aang, has been missing for 100 years. In that time a war has raged on from the fire nation.

The storyline goes really in depth into the traditions and the spiritual aspects of all of this while balancing with humor and not taking itself too seriously.

But don’t get me started on the movie. That was the biggest failure in the franchise ever. There is no way to maintain the quality of a show when converting it from cartoon to live action, and it was premature. The entire thing was humorless and frankly a little boring.

Fortunately though the spin-off Avatar: Legend of Korra isn’t that bad. This show really was able to test its limits, even ending the show with a suicide done for the greater good. Need I remind you this is a show for seven-year-olds.

Netflix itself is planning on a remake as well, hopefully not a disaster like the other one. I, a true fan from the beginning, am especially excited for this new installment and willing to see how far the producers will go this time.

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