My first Advanced Placement exam

By Ethan Del Campo, Staff Intern

I was told that six out of seven freshmen opted for the AP Human Geography class. The class itself taught me how to view the world differently through all the new vocabulary and concepts, while preparing for the Advanced Placement exam at the end of the year. For seven months, we practiced multiple choice and FRQs. I felt most comfortable with the multiple-choice questions.

COVID-19 changed everything. I guess you could say we are lucky that College Board continued to offer an exam, allowing us an opportunity to earn college credits. The exam format became drastically different and was administered remotely. For me, anxiety built because there were no longer going to be any multiple-choice questions.

On top of it all, my teacher has been out. Thankfully, another teacher was having biweekly review classes on Teams, which helped enormously. College Board put out numerous videos on YouTube, as well as practice FRQs. Additionally, National Honor Society members Parth Agarwal and Jeffrey Drew had helpful online sessions via Teams.

I went into the exam nervous but prepared. I finished my first FRQ and submitted the response with only 28 seconds to spare. I was thorough and tried to use as much vocabulary and examples as possible.

My second FRQ could have had multiple possible answers. I was second-guessing myself after submitting the exam, but realized what I responded was also correct, plus I used evidence to back up my claim.

Now, the waiting game. In less than a month and a half, everyone should have their scores. A coveted three or higher on the exam will earn college credit at all Florida public universities. I feel confident I earned the college credit, but I am curious to learn my real score.

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