How to get inspired in writing

By Alexia Tontchev, Staff Intern

Ugh, it’s happened again.

Another week has passed and still no progress on my writing goals. I guess being stuck at home really does have effect.

I know that some of you have had the same exact thought and issue as I have. It’s really just frustrating to not know what to write.

Deep down you know your writing is important, but you cannot take consistent action yet due to boredom, or something else.

So, you may be wondering, “Why do I get stuck? What’s really going on here?”

Well, the truth is none of us are really inspired like we used to be due to the lockdown.

You can’t help but marvel at other writers who do persist and have a large body of writing work that you cannot even fathom achieving.

Well, the secret is the dirty little lie you tell yourself about inspiration, which is to believe in magic when you write.

Here are some ideas that you can try in order to get your brain circuits moving again:

  • You can watch different types of TV shows that have some of the best writing in the world
  • Read your old letter that you wrote
  • Embrace your insignificance
  • Become the G.O.A.T, so you cannot be ignored

Those four ideas have really inspired me, not as much as I anticipated, but well enough to get inspired to write this blog, in case some of you are have the same struggle I am.

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