Finding a way to connect

By William Strachan, Staff Writer

I have begun to find ways to pass the time over these nine weeks of lockdown: sleeping for 15 hours, bingeing shows on Netflix, even trying to talk with my family.

As of late though, I’ve been playing online with friends. This is new for me because I don’t play video games too much.

But I’ve seen that playing these games online with friends isn’t just playing video games. It’s a chance to catch up.

When we are in these games together, it’s like we’re there in person with one another. It’s a chance to be social again.

I’ve been able to talk to some of my boys through our chat rooms. The conversations we have don’t go into the game as much as we just talk about life. From things that are going on in the news to how much we all desperately miss sports and what we should do once the quarantine is lifted.

These video games aren’t all that people make them out to be. Some parents may use it as a reason for why their children aren’t social. But I would have to disagree with that. For my friends and me, it’s a way for us to reconnect during these troubling times.

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