‘Wallflower’ still has perks 8 years later

By Alisha Durosier, Staff Intern

From Stephen Chbosky, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” is a heavy reminder of 2012.

It is the coming-of-age tale of a socially awkward teen, Charlie, who becomes friendly with a couple of seniors, especially two, Sam and her stepbrother Patrick.

However, a trigger warning is needed: This movie contains themes of depression, suicide, sexual abuse/assault and homophobic assault, so for some this will be quite the tear jerker.

This movie gives me a sense of nostalgia, which is what I mainly like about this film, and it is also one of those movies that paved the way for Tumblr’s golden age.

I also know for a fact that if 11-year-old me were to see this movie, she would try and base her personality off of Sam.

For the viewers looking to remember forgotten memories of your early adolescence, this one is for you.

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