Taking the AP test

By Anonymous, Staff Intern

All of quarantine I’ve been trying to find things to do or do things to keep me busy, but on May 12, I had TOO many things I needed to do or finish before the AP test at 4 p.m. I remember going to sleep the night before with the biggest headache and waking up with the same one, which was not a great start to the day.

Then, I realized that I should study a little before the test that starts in a few hours, so I quickly got up, scrambled to my computer to print out some of the necessary vocab and grabbed the AP Human book to go over the basics.

As the time started getting closer and closer to 4 p.m., I logged in and filled out the test stuff. As time started counting down, I started to get more and more nervous and scared. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. test started!

We had 30 minutes to answer the first set of questions. As I finished up, I had about two minutes left, so I quickly copied and pasted and pressed “Submit.”

“Error submitting, try again”

I stared at the screen as my heart dropped. I spammed the submit button 20 more times and don’t know what to do. I then tried submitting it another way ­– still nothing. 1 minute left ….

I was panicking.

I then looked up at the corner of my screen and noticed my Wi-Fi kept disconnecting itself. After I fixed that, I submitted my answers with 30 seconds left to spare.

Despite not studying as much as I should have, the test was fairly easy. But if College Board had given us more time, I think I would have been able to answer the questions better and would’ve been able to put more thought into them. When I had already submitted my answers and was waiting for the next section, I remembered stuff that I could’ve added to question 1. And even though we had 30 minutes in the first half and 20 minutes in the second half it felt like we had 5.

But in my opinion, it didn’t seem like College Board was as prepared as I thought they would be. After the test was done, I texted some of my friends to see if we had the same difficulties while taking the test, and many said they weren’t able to submit answers and are now having to do a makeup test. But considering that this was a new thing for everyone it was bound to not be 100% perfect.

One downside to this is that next year I will have to take the actual AP test for the first time, and now I don’t know exactly what to expect, which makes me nervous. Another downside is that although we have been working all year for this test, most of what we learned wasn’t on the test since it was only FRQs and no multiple-choice questions. But overall, I’m glad to say that its finally over.

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