Taking my first AP exam

By Isis Williams, Staff Intern

I took my exam Tuesday for AP Human Geography, the first AP class I’ve taken in my first year of high school.

Due to COVID-19, College Board changed its exam procedures like limiting all tests to 45 minutes and allowing open notes. For this to be the first AP final exam I’ve ever taken, I felt pressured because of the limited time I had to submit my answers.

I logged in an hour ahead of time to set up for my test at 4 p.m. and didn’t feel nervous until five minutes before my exam started. 

Everyone I know that has been preparing for their exams was feeling stressed and nervous. There are so many ways it could go wrong like our submission not going through, which has been happening to students lately.

College Board has also been very strict about cheating during exams and has been making fake accounts pretending to be students and posting the “right answers” to catch students who try to cheat. They busted a ring of students who were planning to cheat recently too.

Overall, everyone still gets a chance at earning their college credit in the end even through all the stress.

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