A pleasant distraction of creativity

By Alexia Tontchev, Staff Intern

We are extremely stressed out and irritated because of the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Slowly, we are literally running out of ideas of what to do. More of us are getting bored by the minute. Other than playing video games and watching Netflix, most of us have no idea what to do.

However, that’s where the pleasant distraction comes in. As I read in an assigned NewsELA article, “See Cheesehendge and other historical homages created at home,” things like sculpting tools, construction crews and good land are hard to find. 

So instead, we used easy-to-find items such as dairy food. Furthermore, I decided to try the challenge to model a building with what we already had at home.

I originally planned to make a model of the Congress house in Washington, DC, but figured that would lead to chaos, so I made a small house out of ice cream sticks.

To not make the house so plain, I dyed some of the sticks hot pink for a strong trim color around the doorway, as well at the outline of the roof and chimney. I even had time to sculpture a heart at the top front of my mini house!

You don’t always need Netflix and videogames to entertain yourself ALL the time during quarantine. Those things eventually become boring. Instead, just make a model out of something with any old unused item you have at your house to keep yourself busy and productive for a while!

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