Staying up late

By Avienne Adeline, Staff Intern

While being isolated in my house I have been able to stay up as long as I want even though I have now realized that I can’t get to bed until at least three in the morning and I am sleep-deprived more now than I would be if we were still in school waking up at seven.

Most weeks I stay up watching TikToks or movies to pass the time when I can’t sleep, but most recently I have been talking to my younger sister or my best friend through Facetime.

My sister and I talk about our lives and how we are feeling just for check-ins to see if we are okay, and we are, for the most part. However, my best friend and I have longer more in-depth conversations, which are one of the reasons I am still sane.

How has your sleep pattern changed since the school moved to distance learning? Let us know by replying to this post or emailing us at

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