I took my first AP exam: Meh

By Amber Brown, Staff Intern

I woke up early yesterday. Ate breakfast. Got dressed. Set up the perfect testing environment. Then sat, panicked and procrastinated for the next seven hours.

Yesterday was my AP Human Geography exam. I had been studying for weeks, working as hard as I possibly could to memorize as much information as humanly possible, only to find out that about 0.01% of the information that I learned this year was tested.

I consider this test to be one of the worst evaluations of my overall knowledge of a subject in my life. The exam was 50 minutes long and definitely would not be worth the amount of time I spent worrying about it.

The two questions they asked me were, what I would call, pathetic.

I spent all of Monday studying with a friend over Facetime, and we did cover both of those topics, but in the test the topics had a sort of disconnect from what we had talked about.

In my honest opinion not only do I wish that there were more questions, just to debut everything that I had learned, but I also wish that the two questions had way more to do with what we were learning. I would say that about 40% of the book or more talks about population and migration. In the question those ideas were rarely covered, if you could even say they were present.

The one thing that I have to give College Board is that you would have had to study the entire book through and through to know a lot about these very obscure topics, so perhaps the evaluation was valid, but still it still somehow feels like all of this hard work that I had done was going to waste.

Considering it was my first exam I have no idea if this is what I’m supposed to expect from an AP exam or if it’s supposed to be more difficult or have a broader knowledge base. If anything after this test I’m worried more about what’s going to happen next year with my other AP classes considering that I will never have taken a proper test.

For a first try though I think the College Board could have done better. I was underwhelmed, and if it were a movie, I would rate it 2 out of 10 because there was way too much build-up and not enough turn-out.

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