Happy Mother’s Day!

By Sierra Krey, Staff Intern

At least one tradition that didn’t get broken by the COVID-19 lockdown was Mother’s Day.

Like every year, my father brought my siblings to Publix to get breakfast, flowers and balloons for my mom. I would normally go along with my father and brothers to buy these items, but sadly I had to go to work later that day, so I got to sleep in.

By the time I woke up my mother had already woken up and saw the house all decorated for her. I had purchased my own gifts for my mom early that week to surprise her. I got her favorite wine, her favorite cake, something to hold her jewelry, balloons and a special handwritten note.

After my shift was done at Publix I was picked up by my aunt, who helped hide my gifts at her house and helped me set up all the gifts once I got home.

I loved watching my mom’s face light up when she opened her gifts. It truly was the highlight of my day.

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