AP exam preparations

By William Strachan, Staff Intern

There’s no doubt that the quarantine has affected us all. Many of us in different ways. But something that many of us have in common are these upcoming AP exams.

Online AP exams began May 11. The style of the test has changed from the three-hour combination of multiple choice and free response questions, to a 45 min test with only one or two FRQ questions to demonstrate to the College Board we actually paid attention during our course.

The style of the exam switching changes many people’s approaches to taking the exam. This new AP exam is an open-book, open-note exam where any notes that a student has is free game. This also includes Google or whatever web browser you desire to use. The College Board has created its FRQ questions in a way to limit the ability to just look something up on the internet.

For the past month or so, the College Board has been posting review help and videos on Youtube to try and help prepare the students who are taking the exam. I have found these videos especially helpful because the instructors are basically telling us what will be on the exam and what won’t be. They even did two live practice FRQ sessions to show the students what the AP exam will be like.

Aside from all the College Board material they have been giving out, I’ve just been collecting all my notes together from the year. Notebooks, paper, even previous tests have been put into my collection for this test. There are documents saved on my computer that help me navigate to any topic that is being asked.

You know as a freshman I’m pretty new when it comes to AP exams. The two I took on Tuesday, May 12, were the first time I got to experience it. It’s been a bit nerve racking trying to wrap my head around how important these exams will be, but I realize that everyone else feels the same way. There are seniors and juniors taking this exam who feel the same anxious yet excited emotions to just get these tests over with.

A year’s work of learning the material all comes down to this: a 45-minute exam. Our teachers have prepared us for this exam all year. So I want to wish you all good luck to all those who will be taking this year’s exam. I hope everyone does well. We just have to stay calm and not get too overwhelmed. We got this.

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